Brisbane Radar/Rainfall Links:

BOM Radars: 64k 128k 256k Weatherzone Radars: 64k 128k 256k
QLD Rainfall & River Conditions
Queensland Rainfall and River Height Data

River Conditions Links:
Latest River Heights for the Brisbane, Pine, Caboolture Rivers

Storm Tools Links:
BSCH Storm Probabilities

Rainfall outlook sites:
COLA/IGES Precipitation Forecast
GFS Accumulated Precipitation Forecast
Operational Concensus Forecasts (OCF)
Australian Weather News (AWN) \'WeatherWall\' - Rainfall

Forecast Tools Links:

ECMWF Charts
Pacific Ocean Satellite Loop
BSCH Stormcast
10 Day BOM Access
Weatherzone Active Topics
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
BOM Recent Satellite
NOAA Satellite Imagery
Weatherzone Links

Storm Chasing/Weather Websites

Severe Weather Chasers
Brisbane Storm Chasers
Townsville Storms
Bellmere Weather

Cyclone/Hurricane sites:

Tropical Cyclone Names (BOM)
UK Met Office Cyclone guidance for the South Pacific and SE Indian oceans
BOM Tracking Map
Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC)
US Navy/NRL Tropical Cyclone Page
Australian Severe Weather - Tropical Cyclones
Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) website
Real time Tropical Cyclone information (NOAA)
National Hurricane Centre homepage (NOAA)
Fiji Meteorological Service
Stormpulse - Current Atlantic Activity
Badan Meteorologi & Geofisika (Indonesian BOM)
Cyclone Formation Probability (next 3 week forecast)
Tropical Storms, Worlwide
All Cyclones Recorded from BOM Data
Statistical prediction of weekly tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Hemisphere

Synoptic & Shear Forecasting Sites:

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
Australian Weather News Synoptic Charts
24hr Shear Tendency - East Australia Region
'Earth' GFS Visualisation by Cameron Beccario

Satellite sites:

Asian and Australian Satellite Imagery
Global Mosaic Satellite Images
MTSAT Colorized IR Loop (Eastern Aust and Pacific to 160W) tropical satellite page


MJO Forecast
ENSO related:

BLUElink Ocean Forecast (SST\'s, Australia)
Multiple ENSO animations (Climate Prediction Centre)
Real Time POES Imagery Atlantic/East Pacific SST Loop (Climate Prediction Centre)
Global SST anomalies (updated daily, UNISYS)

Weather education sites:

Tropical System Forecasting Basics
Extreme Instability (mostly photos)